Grey, White and Gold Balloon Garland

Grey, White and Gold Balloon Garland - Live Shopping Tours


Grey, White and Gold Balloon Garland

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Get amazing vibe with the combination of grey, white and gold. Simple yet show-stopping, our DIY balloon garland kit features pearl white interspersed with pops of gold and grey. Perfect for a range of celebrations including engagements, birthdays and christenings, this versatile yet classic colour combo is sure to provide that WOW factor to your next event.


In our balloon garland kit, you will receive:

70 balloons (10 inch)

30 balloons (5 inch)

15 confetti balloons (12 inch)

Balloon decorating strip

Hand pump

Balloon tie device

Roll string

Roll glue point



The garland will take approximately 1 hour to assemble.

Balloon garlands are sure to create that definite ‘wow’ factor, and are actually a whole lot simpler to construct than they look.

Just make sure you store your inflated garland in a cool, dark room and obviously away from sharp objects.

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