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11pcs Resistance Band Set by Omnia pura

11pcs Resistance Band Set by Omnia pura - Live Shopping Tours

omnia pura

11pcs Resistance Band Set by Omnia pura

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11pcs Resistance Band Set Yoga Pilates Abs Exercise Fitness Tube Workout Bands


Material: Latex Rubber
Tube Length: Approx. 3.94 ft/1.2 m
Ankle Strap Length: 6.3 inch/16 cm
Foam Hand Grips:12cm
Handles Material: Strong Cushioned Foam
Yellow (10lbs), Red ( 20lbs), Blue ( 25lbs), Green (15lbs),Black (30lbs)
How does this work:
Muscle will start to grow in size and definition by constantly breaking down muscle tissue through some form of resistance. Traditional weights only offer a steady stream of tension during the whole movement, and the entire concept of resistance band is to perform exercises that use elastic nature to work specific parts of the body.

Package includes:
1 x Yellow Resistance Bands (10lbs),
1 x Red Resistance Bands (20lbs),
1 x Blue Resistance Bands (25lbs),
1 x Green Resistance Bands (15lbs),
1 x Black Resistance Bands (30lbs),
2 x Foam Hand Grips
2 x Ankle Strap
1 x Door Anchor
1 x Carry bag


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